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Electric Guitar Lessons

Looking for an electric guitar teacher in Plymouth?

Whether you’re new to the electric guitar or looking to improve, why not give Adam Parkes a call?

I will work with you to learn at your own speed, gaining in confidence and ability very quickly. The electric guitar is a great instrument to play; even a beginner can soon learn to make a fantastic sound!

If you want to learn a particular music genre, from pop the metal, I can help. I offer lessons in either my own home, or in the comfort of yours. Why not give me a call today?

Learn guitar at your level

  • Musical styles including rock, pop, metal and blues
  • Lead and/or rhythm guitar
  • Rockschool exams up to Grade 8
  • School guitar lessons
  • Block lessons at my home or yours

About me

I am passionate about music and have over 15 years’ experience as an acoustic and electric guitar teacher, and performance musician. I have taught guitar to children and adults of all abilities. I am fully qualified, with a degree in Musical Performance from the Dartington College of Art. I am also available as a session guitarist.

Whether you want to learn guitar for fun or pass your Rockschool grades, give Adam Parkes a call on 01752 296 971